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Hidden Gems – ADAM Quartet: In Vivid Color

Hidden Gems – ADAM Quartet: In Vivid Color


Location: Maltezerhuis (Ridderzaal)

incl. service costs

Artists: ADAM Quartet Margot Kolodziej (violin), Hannelore De Vuyst (violin), Minna Svedberg (viola), Renée Timmer (cello)

The festival enjoys working with partners within the city, including the Dutch String Quartet Academy (NSKA). We are delighted to have no less than three (former) ensembles, including this amazing ADAM Quartet, heard during this festival! This quartet looks with fresh eyes for ways to shine its own light on the string quartet while staying true to the essence of the genre. The ADAM Quartet’s contemporary perspective has already led to many interesting collaborations and crossover programmes where they enjoy exploring other musical styles and disciplines. Besides the traditional repertoire, the quartet likes to premiere music by contemporary composers. For instance, Camiel Jansen wrote his “In Vivid Color” especially for this quartet, which will also be on the lectern during this concert.

You can also discover Hidden Gems at 11:00 AM and 3:30 PM!

This concert is part of the choice subscription concerts. If you order 3 – 5 choice subscription concerts, you will receive a 20% discount on the total price. From 6 choice subscription concerts onwards, you will receive as much as a 25% discount on the total price.

December 29, 2023