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Hidden Gems – Aires Tropicales Quintet

Hidden Gems – Aires Tropicales Quintet


Location: Paushuize (Balzaal)

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Artists: Aires Tropicales Quintet Alicia Haro (flute), Jorge Ruíz (oboe), Ninián Rodríguez (clarinet), Silvia Ruiz (bassoon), Karla Hernández (French horn)

The Aires Tropicales Woodwind Quintet was formed at the Fontys Academy in Tilburg in October 2021. They approach music with both rhythm and their hearts, offering a unique perspective within the traditional chamber music context. Their music stands out for its fusion of strong energy and contrasting elements, with a prominent place for rhythms from their native countries of Cuba and Spain.
The most important aspect of their performances is the showcasing of the richness of the rhythms and melodies within their repertoire. They strive to convey emotions beyond just the notes and create a connection with the audience through their heartfelt performances. And what makes it extra exciting and special is that they play everything by heart!

You can also discover Hidden Gems at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM!

This concert is part of the choice subscription concerts. If you order 3 – 5 choice subscription concerts, you will receive a 20% discount on the total price. From 6 choice subscription concerts onwards, you will receive as much as a 25% discount on the total price.

December 29, 2023