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Opening Concert IKFU 2023 – Lustrum Edition

Opening Concert IKFU 2023 – Lustrum Edition


Location: Grote Zaal, TivoliVredenburg

incl. coat check, a drink during intermission and service costs

Artists: Boris Brovtsyn (violin), Janine Jansen (violin), Clara-Jumi Kang (violin), Amihai Grosz (viola), Timothy Ridout (viola), Daniel Blendulf (cello), Jens-Peter Maintz (cello), Sunwook Kim (piano), Denis Kozuhkhin (piano)

For this festive 20th edition of the festival, Janine Jansen and her talented international friends will put three wonderful and much-loved chamber music works on the lectern. With two brilliant concert pianists who will be present throughout the festival, the piano occupies a prominent place within her programming. Before the intermission, Brahms, perhaps the most beloved composer in the field of chamber music, will be heard alongside the only chamber music work by Gustav Mahler, whom we know, of course, for his great symphonies in particular. After the intermission, one of the most beautiful piano quintets in the entire history of music will be heard: Schumann’s Piano Quintet in E-flat. A wonderful conclusion to this Opening Concert!

Want to enjoy even more great music? Extend this special evening with the Late Night Concert!

This concert is part of the choice subscription concerts. If you order 3 – 5 choice subscription concerts, you will receive a 20% discount on the total price. From 6 choice subscription concerts onwards, you will receive as much as a 25% discount on the total price.