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Walking Concerts – Starting Location DUMS (Group B)

Walking Concerts – Starting Location DUMS (Group B)


Starting location: DUMS

Access to the complete series of Walking Concerts, incl. lunch to go

During the Walking Concerts, you will be taking a walking tour of three ensembles in three different locations. A lunch for on the road is included in the price.

11:30 AM – 12:30 PMWalking Concert 1 (Groep B)Woodcraft DUMS (Marnixzaal)
1:00 PM – 2:00 PMWalking Concert 2 (Groep B)Joost Willemze & Soheil ShayestehLeeuwenberghkerk
2:30 PM – 3:30 PMWalking Concert 3 (Groep B)Oriol Marès & Talal FayadBartholomeus Gasthuis (Smeezaal)

Around the World Woodcraft

Noah Hassler-Forest (violin), Reinout de Vey Mestdagh (cello), Joshua Herwig (cello), Ischa Kooistra (cello), Wouter Torringa (violin)

Configurations come in all shapes and sizes, but three cellos and two violins is unusual, to say the least. Woodcraft does everything a little differently – and makes it sound like the only option. Actually, the quintet is more of a band than an ensemble. The five friends of Woodcraft compose their own music, moving freely between genres, from classical to folk and from jazz to minimal. The main focus is always the infectious ensemble playing, honed by years of making music and improvising on the streets. They have previously performed at the Cello Biennale, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Grachtenfestival. In December 2022, Woodcraft won both the jury and audience award at the Dutch Jazz Competition at the Bimhuis.

Around the World Joost Willemze (harp) & Soheil Shayesteh (live electronics)

Those who associate the harp only with fine salon music will change their opinion after this performance. Harpist Joost Willemze, winner of the GrachtenfestivalPrijs 2023, will take you through a wide spectrum of sounds as you have never heard the harp before. In the beautiful Leeuwenberg Church, he casts harp classics in a new light and creates a world of sound extremes in a collaboration with live electronics artist Soheil Shayesteh.

Around the World – Estuarium Oriol Marès (clarinet) & Talal Fayad (oed)

Talal Fayad, a Syrian interpreter of Turkish and Arabic music on the oed and Oriol Marès, a Latin clarinetist from Girona, Spain. These musicians, from different cultural backgrounds, both (former) students at Codarts Rotterdam and currently living in the Netherlands, in this duo explore a common artistic basis through their own arrangements and compositions. They got to know each other thanks to Culture Shock, Utrecht, and the combination proved such a hit that many concerts followed. They present Estuarium: a musical fusion of Latin and Arabic influences. A diverse programme brimming with their own compositions and arrangements. In Estuarium, they constantly try to get closer to the other; Talal accompanies with chords on the Oud while Oriol improvises in odd bars. A constant interaction and influences from both cultures pass by throughout. Allow yourself to be taken on an emotionally charged journey through Latin America and the Middle East with a pinch of jazz.

December 28, 2023