My First festival

Saturday December 28 | 11:00 hr
Fancy Fiddlers   Noa Wildschut  Violin Ardemus Quartet  

Music kids, party builders and cool frogs pay attention: on December 28 TivoliVredenburg is all for you! The entire building is transformed into a large festival site. A bit like a festival of big people, but more fun. Because say for yourself: why would you choose to make your own instruments or listen to a real string orchestra, sing a crash course or catch up with your favorite artist? It’s all possible during My First Festival.

And the International Chamber Music Festival has programmed classical music in the Great Hall of TivoliVredenburg. The Fancy Fiddlers come by and violin star Noa Wildschut introduces you to a number of young strings with whom she will perform the swinging Octet of Shostakovich. The fantastic Ardemus Saxophone Quartet lets you hear how the Paintings Exhibition of Monsorgsky sound and we conclude with the beautiful movie The Magic Piano with live music from Chopin by Charlie Bo Meijering on the piano.

Don’t miss this party and come with the whole family!