Children’s concert 2+ ‘Kriebel’

A theater production for our youngest audience and their (grand)parents

What does a tickle sound like in your stomach? And what happens when that tickle slowly slips out through your throat and mouth, flies through the air, goes through space and floats, via the viola, zjuf, crawling into the marimba? A violin-playing singer, a dancing percussionist and a singing dancer take our young audience into a playful encounter between dance, music and voice. ‘Kriebel’ is a stimulating dance concert for the little ones about the sensory experience of sounds.

vocals and violin Tiemo Wang
percussion and dance Vitaly Medvedev
dance and voice Sarah Reynolds

direction Caecilia Thunnissen
compositions Leonard Evers
dramaturgy Erin Coppens
scenography Tessa Verbei
light designer Tiedo Wildschut

In collaboration with Stichting Oorkaan