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Wiegeling (6-18 months)

Wiegeling (6-18 months)


Location: Cloud Nine, TivoliVredenburg

Entrance for 1 parent + 1 baby, excl. coat check

Artists: Sterre Konijn (soprano), Rudi van Hest (clarinets), Jaber Fayad (oud)

Creatives: Jaber Fayad (compositions), Anneke Wensink (direction), Theun Mosk | Ruimtetijd (scenography)

With Wiegeling, Frisse Oren pays tribute to the lullaby.

In a soft, safe environment, a singer, a clarinetist and an oud player engage in musical encounters with a young audience and with each other. Musicians and audience find themselves together in the setting of moving abstract shapes, colourful light sources and elements that make wondrous sounds.

A feast for all senses in which it is delightful to sway and lull.

An Arabic lullaby from the childhood memories of Syrian Jaber Fayad is the starting point for Wiegeling. You can also hear influences of music from all over the world and all time periods in Jaber’s compositions. The sounds stimulate the imagination and make you think fondly of places you may never have been to yourself. Parents and children have their own seat in this setting, but crawling around is also allowed.

This concert also takes place at 10:00 AM and 1:15 PM!

December 29, 2023