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Dauw (6+)

Dauw (6+)


Location: Hertz, TivoliVredenburg

excl. coat check and incl. service costs

Artists: Marianne Noordink (ney and flute), Dwight Breinburg (percussion, voice and violin), Hamza Amrani (ud, rabab and percussion), Rémy Dielemans (double bass, bouzouki and ud)

Creatives: Marianne Noordink (musical direction), Marlies Bosmans (direction), Leila el Alaoui (costume design), Hendrik van der Zee (lighting design), Caecilia Thunnissen (artistic direction Oorkaan), Mohamed Aadroun (artistic direction Amsterdam Andalusion Orchestra)

You hear the water dripping gently from the plants.
A cricket sounds in the distance.
The hour is blue.
The time between day and night when everyone is still asleep but also almost awake.
The moon has just left, the sun is not yet up.

What happens in the hour blue?
Who is already secretly awake?
Who is waiting for the arrival of the sun?
Who prefers to stay hidden in the darkness?

Dauw is a cosy family concert where the magic of the hour blue and Andalusian and Arabic music take you into a dream world. The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra tells the story you can hear from the music. The ancient instruments, the ud, the ney, the rabab showcase a rich repertoire from Granada to Baghdad.

This concert also takes place at 2:00 PM!

December 27, 2023