Ring-Ring (6+)

Tuesday December 28 | 11:00 hr

Ring-Ring is a textless performance, in which live music, poetic light images and theater melt before your eyes into a cinematic fairy tale.
Bicycle Ring-Ring is lost. Along fairytale-like but also dangerous places he looks for his bike. A touching adventure full of happy but also tricky moments with strange creatures and unexpected encounters. Whether his quest will be rewarded remains exciting until the end.
Lichtbende has based Ring-Ring playfully on Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner. But now in its own unique way full of eye-catching visual and musical discoveries. The music of Ring-Ring was arranged and composed especially for this performance for accordion, percussion and live electronics. Leading motifs from the opera become as strange and surprising as the images in this story.
Lichtbende is known for its poetic performances with a unique combination of manually animated projections and live music. All actions of the artists are visible to the audience. Everyday materials transform into vivid characters. A fusion of visual art, theater and music. Stories of pure imagination where the use of language becomes superfluous. Lichtbende plays all over the world at renowned festivals.
A co-production with the Suzhou Culture and Arts Center and Hermark Classical Suzhou in China.

Wilco Oomkes – accordion, composition and arrangement
Jorick Bronius – percussion and electronics, composition and arrangement
Marie Raemakers – visual animation, production, concept, technique and image
Rob Logister – visual animation, production, concept, technique and image
Jeannette van Steen – dramaturgy and final direction