Library tour #1: Between the lines (7+)

Monday December 27 | 14:15 hr

Between the lines is a musical, light-footed performance about everything that doesn’t always go according to plan.

About failures, big and small.
About always just not being able to say what you mean.
About looking alike but not being the same.
About wanting to be someone else.
But above all about how things sometimes end up back on their feet again.
A clumsy, cheerful performance for everyone from 7 years of age who has ever had a bad day. With music by Tchaikovsky, Takahashi and Piazzolla.
Coraline Groen – violin
Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe – bajan
Lucas van der Vegt – actor/narrators
Valentina Tóth – actor/narrators
Only accessible for children due to limited space in the libraries (children can be dropped off at the library during the performance and picked up there later).