Hidden Gems

Sunday December 29 | 14:00 hr

Puccini Crisantemi
Bach Deposuit potentes from ‘Magnificat’
Mozart Sonata in e, KV 304
Sjostakovitsj Five pieces
Purcell Dido and Aeneas ‘When I am laid in earth’
Von Paradis Sicilienne
Ravel Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant, Petit Poucet, Le Jardin Féerique uit ‘Ma mère l’oye’

Venue Molen de Ster

These Hidden Jewels will shine even more in this surprising setting. None of the works that are played this afternoon was written for this instrumentation. The core of the Nederlands Kamermuziek Ensemble consists of clarinettist Marieke Vos, violinist Lisanne Soetenbroek, cellist Maya Fridman and harpist Annemieke IJzerman. The Nederlands Kamermuziek Ensemble often arranges itself. Famous works are eagerly combined with unknown repertoire, and the quartet does not shy away from crossover and interdisciplinary projects. In this programme, a vocal masterpiece such as Purcell’s poignant lamentation by Dido sounds sisterly alongside a movement from Bach’s Magnificat. We hear Shostakovich’s Five pieces for two violins and piano as a quartet, and a Mozart sonata in a colorful arrangement for violin, cello and harp. By the way, speaking of colorful: Puccini’s early string quartet Crisantemi (chrysanthemums) also passes by, this time in a colour scheme that offers space for clarinet and harp. A Sicilienne attributed to the Austrian composer Maria Teresa Paradis flanks Ravel’s grand ballet cycle Mother the Goose.