Closing Concert

Monday December 30 | 20:00 hr
Boris Brovtsyn  Violin Janine Jansen  Violin  Violin Amihai Grosz  Viola  Viola Jens Peter Maintz  Cello  Cello    

Presenter: Ab Nieuwdorp


Brahms Sextet in B flat major, Op. 18


Kodály Serenade, Op. 12

Bartók Divertimento for Strings


It is a silly joke, the answer to the question what is more beautiful than one violin: two violins. But for Brahms this was true in a certain sense: instead of four strings, he initially preferred six. Several early string quartets that he destroyed led to a sextet, partly because he felt the shadow of his great example of Beethoven too close to quartet writing. Moreover, he loved the richer, more sonorous sound that can be achieved with a sextet. This can be heard in this work, with its wonderful series of variations in the second part. Brahms’ great preference for Hungarian music forms a logical bridge to the second half of this concert. It focuses on two Hungarian grand masters. On the one hand Kodály with his Serenade for only three strings. After which Bartók’s playful Divertimento finishes the programme – and thus the festival. Bartók looks back on the eighteenth century. The work is indebted to the baroque concerto grosso. From time to time you hear two groups: on the one hand a smaller group of soloists, and on the other hand the ripieno. Bartók’s masterpiece gives the International Chamber Music Festival Utrecht the opportunity to bring all musicians on stage, including the ‘New Generation’, as a final statement.