Childrens Concert 6+

Friday December 27 | 15:00 hr

‘Vreemde Streken’ 

A music theater production with Trio Diamanda

Diamanda Dramm, violin | Yanna Pelser, viola | Marcus van den Munckhof, cello

With music by Johan Sebastiaan Bach, Garth Knox and traditional Irish folk music

How does the unknown sound?

Trio Diamanda are going on a trip to new worlds. They will be creating a special sound landscape in which new notes of Garth Know come together with the music written by Johan Sebastian Bach ages ago and exciting traditional Irish Folk tunes. ‘Vreemde Streken’ is a theatrical expedition in which the three string players are searching new boundaries, like pioneers. Because, as long as you are curious, you can find the most beautiful and strange things.