Pulse Ensemble, vocal quartet

Stijn Claerhoudt (1995)

Willem Peek (1998)

Daan van der Schaft (1995)

Ernesto Schuddeboom (1998)

  • The young singers of the Pulse Ensemble all have a background at the Kathedrale Koorschool Utrecht, the Kathedrale Koor Utrecht and the Christelijk Gymnasium Utrecht, where they sat together.
  • They gave the first joint performances on the classical music nights of their high school. Then they decided to set up an ensemble that focuses primarily on Early Music and religious a cappella chants, but they are also regularly involved with music from other genres and eras.
  • The Pulse Ensemble performs at home and abroad, on the street, in music buildings and churches. When the weather is nice, they travel through Europe as troubadours: they have already sung churches in Lourdes, V├ęzelay, Bayonne, Assisi and the Open Air Museum in Arnhem.