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Wednesday December 28 - 11:30 hr

Stapel (1+) 11.30

Het Wilde Westen

€ 10,- | € 5,- reduction (U-PAS, CJP, 5-12 years) | Children up to and including 4 years free

Stapel (1+) 11.30

Performers: Daan Verlaan (harp and tenor), Yung-Tuan Ku (percussion), Malou van Sluis (direction and design), Udo Thijssen (design and costumes), Bert van Bommel (instrumentation) en Samia te Nuijl & Rudi van Hest (lighting design)

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A silent, concentrated stacker and a mobile tosser. The stacker sings his blocks up and the tosser drums them down. Stack is a textless musical performance about discovery, building and breaking down. Using blocks and building blocks as percussion instruments and a harp as the tallest tower. An intuitive play with gravity and a playful exploration full of musical building blocks.

December 28, 2022