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The Sound of the City

The Sound of the City

The history of Utrecht breathes music. Every year Camerata Trajectina explores an episode from the music history of her hometown. This edition delves into the ‘musical memory of the Netherlands’ in the Utrecht songbooks from the 17th century.

Together with former city poet Ingmar Heytze, Camerata Trajectina will perform the most beautiful, funniest and most moving songs from these collections. The city is the stage, playing a prominent role in flaming passion, dark despair, fledgling uncertainty and bitter disappointment.

Utrecht, with its ‘beauties’, has already been sung in song collections such as the Utrechts Zangprieeltjen (1649) and Erato (1646) by Leonardus Gouwerack, but more recently also by Ingmar in his collection Utrechts for beginners & advanced, from which the poet himself will recite.

Willem Wander van Nieuwkerk (1955) schreef de liedcyclus ‘Aan de Bruid’ op gedichten van Ingmar Heytze. Speciaal voor dit programma arrangeerde Willem Wander dit werk voor Camerata Trajectina en haar historische instrumenten. Kortom: het wordt een muzikaal en poëtisch feest ter ere van deze heerlijke stad!