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Friday December 30 - 14:15 hr

New Generations Artists in concert

€ 20,-- incl. cloakroom and service costs | €10 reduction (U-pass, CJP, <30 years)

New Generations Artists in concert

Performers: Janine Jansen, violin (Bacewicz and Shostakovich) Boris Brovtsyn, violin (Shostakovich) Hana Chang, violin (Bacewicz and Shostakovich, New Generation) Sonoko Miriam Welde, violin (Mendelssohn, Bacewicz and Shostakovich, New Generation) Edvard Erdelssohn, violin Bacewicz, New Generation) Michael Andreas Grolid, viola (Mendelssohn, Shostakovich, New Generation) Amihai Grosz, viola (Shostakovich) Daniel Thorell, cello (Mendelssohn, Shostakovich) Daniel Blendulf, cello (Shostakovich)

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On the final day of the festival, the New Generation Artists will present themselves to the public. In the past week they have been coached by Janine Jansen and Amihai Grosz and they have also played during the other evening concerts. Now you can experience them up close, together with our special festival musicians, who in this way prepare them for their further promising careers. The experience they have gained this week is invaluable to them. And keep an eye on them, you will be hearing a lot from them!

December 30, 2022