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Thursday December 29 - 11:00 hr

Libraries Tour – Donkey Species (4+)

Bibliotheek Leidsche Rijn

Free, but reservation required

Libraries Tour – Donkey Species (4+)

Performers: Aukelien Kleinpenning (saxophone and playing), Charlie Bo Meijering (piano and playing), Sanne Zweye (texts), Agnes Loonstra (illustrations)

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Learn to fantasize with classical music on the basis of fairytale scenes. Aukelien Kleinpenning (saxophone) and Charlie Bo Meijering (piano) play the imaginative music of the French composer Jacques Ibert. Get sucked into the magical world of abandoned palaces, liquorice furniture, a stubborn white donkey and a freshwater merchant. With the beautiful illustrations by Agnes Loonstra.

Ezel Sorts is a music theater performance for children from the age of four that was created on the occasion of the release of the audiobook ‘Ezel species’ of the same name.

December 29, 2022