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Walking concert – Chamber opera Tell me the truth about love group A

Walking concert – Chamber opera Tell me the truth about love group A

Tell me… tell me what love is. Or better yet, let me hear it, see it, feel it…
Let me hear it at Verdi, Donizetti, Bernstein, at Ramses Shaffy…
Let me take this journey with you, and with Shakespeare and with Auden and with Gorter.
Let’s examine ancient sources: the Bible or the Kamasutra?

Seduce me, forgive me, laugh with me.
Find it with me, in my voice, in my eyes, in my arms.
Tell me what love is.

It hits them like lightning, like a coup de foudre, or the realization of an inevitable fate. The deeper the researchers dig into the subject, the more personal it becomes. Keeping distance is no longer an option.

Tell me the truth about love is a music theater performance about love, distance and closeness. Two opera singers in one household. They were allowed to be close to each other on stage, but is that really necessary to convey love in all its facets?

An intense performance with humor and perspective, with opera and musical – but above all a lot of love – that takes you back to a time when distance and hunger for skin was a painful reality.

This performance is made possible in part by the Norma (Corona) Fund.

During the Walking Concerts you will walk past 3 locations where you can enjoy a new chamber opera every time. The chamber operas have a length of approximately 45 – 60 minutes.

Group A has the following scheme:

11:00Bakkie Bach
12:30Le Bal Masqué
14:00Tell me the Truth about love