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Walking concert – Chamber opera le bal masqué group A

Walking concert – Chamber opera le bal masqué group A

Le Bal Masqué is a ‘fusion’ opera about a woman who learns the hard way that the line between expectations and illusion is paper thin. Opera, mime and mask playing come together here with music by Francis Poulenc and texts by Max Jacob. Le Bal Masqué is the third production of SALIX chamber opera (formerly Studio Salix).

At Le Bal Masqué, the hostess organizes a masquerade ball, but none of her guests show up. Together with the two artists she has hired for the entertainment that evening, she waits disillusioned for her visit, but no one shows up. In order to get paid, the performers have to serve their time, after which they decide out of boredom to improvise some scenes. Unsolicited, the woman becomes part of this and is confronted with her own hypocrisy. It heralds the downfall of appearances in favor of the feast of eccentricity.

Francis Poulenc’s ‘cantata profane’ Le Bal Masqué (1932) provides the musical background against which the story, composed of absurd poems by Max Jacob, is set. The music is colorful and the lyrics, according to Poulenc, can only be connected through fantasy; the recipe for a compact, theatrical and playful chamber opera.

Le Bal Masqué is a production of SALIX chamber opera conducted by Rennik-Jan Neggers (artistic director) and Lisanne van Vucht (business director). Made possible by: Emmelot Vis Fund (Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Utrecht), M.A.O.C. Countess van Bylandt Foundation and the Carel Nengerman Fund Foundation.

During the Walking Concerts you will walk past 3 locations where you can enjoy a new chamber opera every time. The chamber operas have a length of approximately 45 – 60 minutes.

Group A has the following scheme:

11:00Bakkie Bach
12:30Le Bal Masqué
14:00Tell me the Truth about Love