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Lena ter Schegget

Lena ter Schegget
  • 1997 (Netherlands)
  • Received her first violin lessons at the age of seven from Nanette van Amerongen and in 2008 she joined the Academy of Musical Talent in Utrecht, where she was taught by Chris Duindam
  • Continued her studies successively with Gerhard Schulz in Vienna and Sebastian Hamann in Freiburg
  • Attended masterclasses with David Takeno, Liviu Prunaru, Marc Danel and Eszter Haffner, among others
  • Was a member of the Youngsters Corner Quartet and was coached for many years by Alexander Pavlovsky, primarius of the Jerusalem Quartet
  • Since 2020, together with Dmitry Ivanov, Lisa Eggen and Emma Besselaar, forms the Skazka Quartet. This quartet is affiliated with the Dutch String Quartet Academy and was declared the undisputed winner of the Storioni Competition in May 2022
  • Won first prizes at competitions such as the Iordens Viooldagen and the Prinses Christina Concours (first prize regional, third prize national). In 2021 she won first prize at the international ProViolin competition
  • Plays a Ferdinando Gagliano violin, provided to her by a private sponsor